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enorme earrings

SKU: sjerhe20181055 Produc Number: ee1055

Large-sized yellow cushion-shaped cz weighing 62.20cts in these silver earrings.

enorme earrings
enorme earrings
SKU: sjerhe20181055 Product Number: ee1055
enorme earrings

The name says it all. This pair of earrings has an enormous, larger-than-usual yellow cushion-shaped cz at the bottom of the earring. It grabs all the attention from the far and sure-shot attraction at any party or occasion you wear. It has a sleek look at the top till it reaches the bottom. This earring combines white and yellow, giving a classy look to any dress.


Height 48mm - Width 20mm - Depth 10mm
ROUND, WHITE, 2pcs, 3.00cts.
CUSHION, YELLOW, 2pcs, 11.00cts.
CUSHION, WHITE, 2pcs, 21.95cts.
CUSHION, YELLOW, 2pcs, 62.20cts.