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esmeralda earrings

SKU: sjerhe18691039 Produc Number: ee1039

These colossal earrings in 29.650gms sterling silver feature two green pear shape with a weight of 56.75cts, 50 white marquise shape stones, and 42 illuminating white round shape stones

esmeralda earrings
esmeralda earrings
SKU: sjerhe18691039 Product Number: ee1039
esmeralda earrings

Dare to wear this pretty green pear! Each earring crafted in silver is set with luxurious pear-shaped emerald green color cz in the centre and surrounded by halo of dazzling white round czs, which is further surrounded by white marquise shape czs. This entire setting is suspended from a cluster of white marquise shape czs and white round czs on the top. This pair of earrings gives an heir-loom feel which you would always want to keep in your collection.


Height 70mm - Width 35mm - Depth 15mm
ROUND, WHITE, 42pcs, 20.12cts.
MARQUISE, WHITE, 50pcs, 29.88cts.
PEAR, WHITE, 2pcs, 2.56cts.
PEAR, GREEN, 2pcs, 56.75cts.