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gran cor earrings

SKU: sjerhe20351060 Produc Number: gce1060

Two heart-shaped czs weigh 52.5cts in 10.290gms silver earrings.

gran cor earrings
gran cor earrings
SKU: sjerhe20351060 Product Number: gce1060
gran cor earrings

Presented on elegant silver hooks, the timeless allure of a heart is beautifully captured in our Classic Heart Drop Earrings. A strikingly simple single white heart-shaped cz recreates this fascinating creature. Designed to catch the focus with the wearer's every expression, white and yellow pear-shaped cz are suspended beneath each heart. Delicate and graceful earrings are must to have.


Height 45mm - Width 17mm - Depth 10mm
ROUND, WHITE, 14pcs, 0.30cts.
HEART, WHITE, 2pcs, 52.50cts.
ROUND, YELLOW, 2pcs, 4.00cts.
PEAR, WHITE, 4pcs, 6.18cts.
PEAR, YELLOW, 2pcs, 3.09cts.