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klassiek earrings

SKU: sjerhe14921095 Produc Number: ke1095

Classy silver earrings weigh 11.800gms.

klassiek earrings
klassiek earrings
SKU: sjerhe14921095 Product Number: ke1095
klassiek earrings

These gorgeous drop earrings are perfect for a dressier occasion or a wedding! The white emerald-shaped is set beautifully in the bottom of a single line of round white czs with the classy yellow square emerald in the center, and the whole set-up is suspended from three white pear-shaped czs at the top. The lever back to the earring is a secured one. It doesn't need to have a separate earring back. These impressive and classy earrings are a great price.


Height 50mm - Width 20mm - Depth 07mm
EMERALD, YELLOW, 2pcs, 6.20cts.
ROUND, WHITE, 12pcs, 0.60cts.
PEAR, WHITE, 6pcs, 9.00cts.
EMERALD, WHITE, 2pcs, 31.00cts.