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myriad ring

SKU: sjnsrhr42591011 Produc Number: mnsr1011

Full finger ring with white and yellow weighing 12.700gms of silver.

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myriad ring
myriad ring
SKU: sjnsrhr42591011 Product Number: mnsr1011 Select Size Size Guide
myriad ring

Nothing is better than wearing something catchy, weird, and affordable at the same time. Full finger rings are your answers for getting what you need. They cover your finger, and that's enough for you to wear just one full finger ring without wearing any other jewelry pieces on your hand. The unique ring presented by RoyaliU is worth investing in.


Height 50mm - Depth 06mm
ROUND, WHITE, 212pcs, 2.00cts.
PEAR, YELLOW, 5pcs, 4.65cts.
OVAL, YELLOW, 5pcs, 3.85cts.
ROUND, WHITE, 2pcs, 0.20cts.