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sun flare earrings

SKU: sjpsehs13011009 Produc Number: sfpse1009

Earrings with yellow-colored oval-shaped cz weighing14.47cts set with white marquise-shaped and pear-shaped czs in 17.140gms of silver

sun flare earrings
sun flare earrings
SKU: sjpsehs13011009 Product Number: sfpse1009
sun flare earrings

A magnificent pair of contemporary oval, marquise, and pear-shaped czs silver earrings, each set with a delicate, light yellow oval-shaped cz within a spray of flowers formed by inverted pear-cut and marquise-cut cz, suspended from a cluster of marquise and pear cut cz. It can be worn with traditional and western outfits.


Height 07mm - Width 43mm - Depth 17mm
ROUND, WHITE, 2pcs, 0.52cts.
MARQUISE, WHITE, 44pcs, 5.09cts.
PEAR, WHITE, 20pcs, 4.72cts.
OVAL, YELLOW, 2pcs, 14.47cts.