6 DIY Tips to Clean and Maintain Silver Jewelry

November 02, 2021

Sterling silver jewelry is setting a trend and why not? The wide possibilities of beautiful designs at an affordable cost make it an ideal choice not just for routine wear but corporate jewelry, occasional jewelry and even wedding jewelry such as sterling silver wedding earrings, necklaces, anklets and rings. Silver jewelry like any other requires care. If you possess some, you would have often seen them tarnish over time. Taking them to the jeweler each time they need a makeover may not be convenient. A few DIY tips, however, may come in handy.

Cleaning & Maintaining Silver Jewelry

Sanitize Your Silver

Sanitizer is in abundance with everyone in the present time. Not only are they good to kill the germs on surfaces but they are also effective silver jewelry cleansers. For people adoring sterling silver cz engagement rings, sanitizer can remove all the tarnish from it each time you clean your hands. However, if your engagement rings have mineral stones engraved on them then you may avoid using sanitizer as it may cause damage. Lastly, the best way to clean silver items with a sanitizer is to dab it on a piece of tissue or cloth and wipe it gently on the jewelry.


This trick is everlasting. Take a small amount of white paste on your jewelry and rub it with a piece of cloth or soft toothbrush. You may even apply and leave it on for a few minutes before giving it a thorough cleaning. Remember, the paste should be a non-gel. This trick is really effective for cleaning intricate design jewelry such as sterling silver bracelets or neckpieces.


Another grandma’s recipe is ketchup! Works every time with fries and silver. Pour some on a piece of cloth, tissue or directly on the tarnished silver item; leave it aside for some time and watch it turn into new. Best for small jewelry such as earrings or rings.


Boil a bowl full of water and bring it to lukewarm. Now, add some laundry detergent to it before soaking your silver jewelry for up to 10 mins. This washing technique is also age-old and typically used for cleaning delicate 925 sterling silver bracelets, chains, or anklets. The warm water helps remove tarnish from engraves and other hidden areas giving your silver pieces a deep cleaning.


Note, half a cup of vinegar with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and in a bowl of lukewarm water is the perfect concoction for silver cleaning. Soaking your jewelry followed by wiping and rinsing will help remove all the tarnish and add a new shine to your silver.


Keeping silver jewelry in a jewelry case is quintessential for its safety and maintaining its design. If you don’t have one make sure your wrap it nicely in a microfiber cloth or soft cotton handkerchief before putting it in a cloth pouch or plastic bag. Also, gently clean your jewelry before storing it to remove any bodily fluids or dirt layered on it. On a final note, the internet is flooded with tips and ideas but be careful with what you try as damage is the last thing you expect.

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