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Some Interesting Facts to Know About Sterling Silver

December 01, 2021 - BY Kalpesh Shah

Sterling silver is used quite frequently in order to manufacture stunning pieces of jewelry. Several people have this habit of buying sterling silver bracelets in Canada because they wish to take their style quotient a notch higher. Here’s the thing with sterling silver jewelry. It is considerably cheaper when you compare it with pieces of gold jewelry (which lie on the higher side of the price spectrum). If you are looking for durable pieces of jewelry, then sterling silver jewelry is the best bet for you.

However, there are several interesting facts about sterling silver jewelry that not many people are aware of. To begin with, sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% mixture of other metals. So, the minimum millesimal fineness of sterling silver is 925.

Here are some other lesser-known facts about sterling silver:

Sterling Silver is Not Good for Making Investments

Well, those who have a taste for precious metals would be well aware of the fact that sterling silver jewelry is not good for making investments. Well, that is because sterling silver is not pure silver. Its price is lower than the price of pure silver because sterling silver is an alloy. Alloy is nothing but a mixture of several metals.

Sterling Silver Has More Firmness Than Pure Silver

Yes, sterling silver is far stronger than pure silver because it is an alloy. Pure silver is soft, so much so that it is unable to retain its shape for long. Also, silver is prone to dents. If you are planning to buy silver jewelry, then go for sterling silver jewelry because adding the likes of copper into the mix can strengthen your jewelry. Buy a sterling silver necklace in Canada if you are a fan (and enthusiast) of sterling silver jewelry.

Sterling Silver Can get Tarnished

Adding copper to silver can make it vulnerable. Sterling silver can get tarnished if it comes in contact with water or air regularly. Tarnishing over prolonged periods can lead to severe damage. Get all of your pieces of sterling silver jewelry polished and cleaned regularly if you want your ornaments to retain their shine and colour.

Buy sterling silver rings online if you have a taste for silver ornaments that are strong and durable. Sterling silver jewelry is worn by a considerable number of women because sterling silver is highly fashionable and light. If you want to embrace silver jewelry, then sterling silver is your best bet.

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